Dubai Index Exhibit
June 19, 2024

Some of the Illuminati team had the exciting opportunity to take part in the index exhibit this year. Along side some additional business ventures we received a chance to find out more about the amazing designs, life style and culture of beautiful Dubai. The team began their journey at the index displaying at the world trade centre, before meeting with 5 of the senior staff at the Atlantis Royal Procurement team.

During the time visiting Illuminati had an opportunity to meet with Raef Bjayou a past candidate from the 4th series of Alan Sugars 'The Apprentice'. Spending a couple of days working together during the events of the trip. Lastly, the visit was ended in a tour of Dubai, with a chance to see a wider area and gain a greater insight into the current trends of the area, as well as the general way of life.

It was an amazing opportunity to display, network, learn and get inspiration.

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