The Final Fit
January 15, 2024

Now that your beautiful light has arrived within your home, and the excitment of getting your light in place its important to make sure its fit correctly. These handy tips and tricks are design so you save yourself getting your wires crossed (quite literally!).

Five Steps to get the most from your new light.

Tip One - Space vs Light.

Many of our designs have been specially created so you are able to adjust the hights, even after purchase. Allowing you to change the design to your preference whilst making them ideal to fit a range of settings and styles. Nevertheless, its important to check the specs and weight of the product before purchasing your dream piece. Our website and broachers will offer the different options and specs for each light. However, were on hand to offer support for any checks or burning questions.

Tip 2 - Compatibility.

Though many of our designs work with the most common switches and dimmers, to ensure your able to achieve the perfect level of light you desire we advise cross checking the dimmer/switch option you/your electrician is due to wire this up to.

Tip 3 - Be a Part of it.

Making sure you/your electrician has everything they need before fitting. Its worth double checking the packaging of the product to ensure they’re a no missing parts and confirm the manual has been thoroughly read through before beginning.

Tip 4 - Make that space.

Many of our lights are flexible in design. Meaning they can be arranged and changed easily (even after fitting). Allowing for unique designs per each space that can be best suited to the astetic and location. Nevertheless, its worth doing a double measure and confirming the measurements through before buying to ensure the light you have selected will fit as needed and look its very best.

Tip 5 - Code Confusion.

When you've made your selection and your ready to put that order in make sure you get the perfect light its worth taking a minute check the codes. Some codes across multiple ranges are very similar. When ordering try and read out both the code and the description.

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