Luxury Residential
Luxury Residential

Bespoke Design and Creative Vision

Working closely with Interior Designer Carly Salter from Poise Interiors.

Attention to Detail

The Illuminati Lighting team was commissioned to curate impeccable designs for a high-end luxury project. Collaborating closely with Kat Sommers, we endeavored to instill a sense of modern sophistication with sleek lines throughout the space. Under Kat's creative direction, a distinctive extra-large over-island ripple glass feature light was meticulously designed, and we seamlessly brought her vision to fruition.

In addition to this bespoke creation, we furnished the project with a 21-light shard from our Signature Collection, complemented by single and double wall lights strategically placed throughout the environment. Further enhancing the ambiance, we supplied our exclusive flush crackle and crackle wall lights, along with the refined terrene wall lights specifically tailored for the bedrooms.

Recognizing the importance of the dining area, we addressed its unique requirements by installing a bespoke two-tier feature light above the dining table, accompanied by matching bespoke wall lights. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that each element contributes to the overall refinement of this exceptional luxury project.


Carly Salter - Interior Designer - Poise Interiors

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